what is beauty? what does it mean if something has inner beauty rather than cosmetic beauty? why do tastes differ? this studio aims forever to highlight the beauty that is felt, sensed, and thought, purely in search of a better world through local material

manmade is a design studio for contemporary Arab furniture, accessories and custom statement pieces of all materials available in the Arabian peninsula, solving the urban problems we face in our daily lives

we are always asking, what does it mean to be Arab? what makes tradition tradition? some say an Arab is anyone who has lived in an Arab country for years and has infused themselves with the culture, others with great conviction believe it is a blood line. the origins of the word Arab come from the “nomad”, but in this contemporary age, it is a word that is redefining itself.

we are inspired by our land, it’s people and it’s culture before globalization trends. the gulf is a land of pearl-divers, shipbuilders, basket-weavers, sandcasters and desert folk. We see this, we treasure it, and with it, we harness our roots to make an authentically Arab and authentically Gulf collection of furniture through our contemporary breath. 

we are a rational people, a faithful people, a modest and diligent people. this was the Arabian Gulf's pre-oil era, before modern education and globalization, but somehow we have charged through this and held strongly to certain roots, and we are and always have been a hospitable people. manmade studio looks at all the cultural roots, the good and bad, and presents our time in the most honest light to all time, so that after we’ve gone there is something to tell our tale. much like art or literature, it is a visual and tactile record of our era.

the roots we collect and with which our design philosophy is based on are:

modesty - rationality - generosity - charity - community - society - diligence - modernity - determination - Arabness - precision - comedy.

these roots are what inspire our products, so the more we educate ourselves, the more cultural and meaningful our products shall be. - jassim alnashmi // designer

ما هو الجمال؟ و ماذا يعني الجمال الداخلي غير البصري؟ لماذا تختلف الأذواق؟ نحن نهدف لتسليط الضوء على الجمال الحسي و الذهني و الصوتي في محاولة لإبراز الجوانب الجمالية في كل القطعة

مانميد هو ستوديو لتصميم الأثاث العربي المعاصر، والاكسسوارات و قطع استثنائية، 
نتسائل دائماً، كيف يكون الشيء عربياً؟ لماذا أصبحت الممارسات تقاليد؟
يقال أن العربي هو من تطبع بأطباع العرب و إنغرست الثقافة العربية في نفسه، و آخرون يقولون أن العروبة عروبة الدم.
قديماً يعرف العربي بأنه الشخص البدوي الذي يعيش في الصحراء كثير الترحال، ولكن في العصر الحالي و تطور الحياة أختفى هذا التعريف.


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